Contract Laboratory Services

Chemistry, Microbiology, Stability, Method Development & Validation
MHRA accredited

About JC Analytical Ltd

Established 2003

JC Analytical provides contract analytical laboratory services according to cGMP quality standards for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), bulk drugs, intermediates, excipients, finished products and products for veterinary use to a wide range of clients, including the pharmaceutical & healthcare industries and research organisations. JC Analytical scientists are highly experienced in physical, chemical, microbiological, stability storage testing and reporting services in compliance with ICH Guidelines as well as method development and validation.

JC Analytical - Contract Laboratory Services

MHRA accredited services utilising current pharmacopoeias (EU/USP/BP/JP)

Contract Laboratory Analytical Services

Our scientists are experts in mass spectrometry, chromatography, physical chemistry and microbiology ensuring JC Analytical can be relied up on to deliver MHRA accredited analytical services that not only provide clear, accurate and actionable results but also the expertise to explain the chemistry behind the data we produce.

Whether applying the pharmacopoeia monographs, transferring in your own methods, or developing new methods on your behalf, we can provide GMP QC testing services for your APIs, excipients and drug products ensuring your product’s integrity from raw material to market.